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Pascal. That's me!

Born in France but moulded by my formative years in Southampton, England, I've got a straightforward sense of humour and hint of occasional wit that, to be honest, do sometimes land me in trouble 😬.

Back in 2005, at the tender age of 24, I embarked on a journey that would lead me to Galway. Honestly, I didn't have grand career plans back then, but having worked in the hospitality industry most of my working life, I soon came to realise that working for someone else just wasn't my cup of.. well, coffee.
I always believed in my own compass, and looking back now, may have been a right handful as an employee - forgive me for my creative rebellions.

After a couple of years operating as a franchisee for a Galway company, I had an epiphany: there's only one way to do business - the Pascal way.

So, in April of 2011, Pascal Coffee House was born, in Edward Square, Galway and later in Lower Abbeygate Street.

To mention the personal touch would be an understatement.

From the menus on the tables, to the photos on the wall. From the website you're browsing right now, to the Logo above the door, and the verging-on-country Spotify playlist. Everything, and I mean everything, is a product of my own creation. No graphic designers or professional photographers. No website developers or Marketing Managers.

I have an obsession with Coffee - Speciality Coffee - and a passion for good, honest, unpretentious food. Every item on our menu has been meticulously crafted by me, with the help of my kids Charlie and Harry, to please our taste buds. And I guarantee, yours won't be disappointed either.

I pride myself in the ability to surround myself with a top-notch crew. With the help of my partner in crime - and life - Marta, we personally hand pick every staff member, valuing personality over resumes. The result? The online reviews speak for themselves. A friendly, efficient, laid back, but always spot-on atmosphere.

As well as my passion for Pascal Coffee House, I share my love of Galway with the Algarve region of Portugal. Having recently dipped my toes into the holiday rental property market, I spend a substantial amount of time there, putting the Pascal stamp on your next holiday! So, if you fancy a break from the Irish weather, pack your flip-flops and head to!

But for the time being, swing on by to Edward Square or Lower Abbeygate Street and give our claim to "The Best Pancakes in Town" a hearty taste. We can't wait to see you!

Pascal & Marta